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Bellflower follows the story of two best friends as they prepare for the apocalypse, the only problem is that they are preparing for the wrong one.

Meet Woodrow and Aiden, two best friends who grew up watching Mad Max and decided to prepare for the apocalypse by building flame-throwers and "Mad Max-esque" cars for their gang "Mother Medusa". Enter Milly, a care-free, spontaneous girl who, like Woodrow and Aiden, does what she likes. The group all enjoy a care-free wild time together. Woodrow's life, however, falls apart after he finds Milly cheating on him with Mike...her live in roommate, of sorts, in Woodrow's bed. He quickly leaves and not paying attention gets hit by a car and put in the hospital. The rest of the movie is how he handles is life falling apart.

This movie reminds me a lot of my college days actually. Not that I made flame throwers and lived a care-free life, but I was a film major and watched lots of independent movies that supposedly had a lot of symbolism. This movie is that type. From cinematography, to the fragmented storyline, to the color of the film, this movie will attempt to make you think.

Now, personally, I found several flaws in this movie like...if Milly was going to cheat with the guy that lives with her...why do it at Woodrows house? How does this group of friends afford to throw parties and buy gear for their apocalypse-machines without working? But maybe I'm thinking to literally...

So if you like to think a little bit more, don't mind acting straight out of a high school special, language, booze and drugs don't bother you along with naked people, explicit sex and some rather disturbing death scenes ... this might be the movie for you. It is written, directed by Evan Glodell, who also stars as Woodrow. This movie hits shelves Friday, September 16.

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