Debut of Atlanta Movie Tours draws zombie fans

2:45 PM, Mar 31, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Atlanta now has its own movie tour

The debut of Atlanta Movie Tours drew dozens of zombie fans.

ATLANTA - The bus was sold out for the debut of Atlanta Movie Tours on Saturday.

The tours were started by two Atlanta businesswomen who see Atlanta as a rising star in Hollywood.

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"I checked this morning, and there are ten productions filming now," said tour co-founder Carrie Burns. "The tour has a zombie focus to it, mostly because of how much of season one of 'The Walking Dead' was filmed in Atlanta."

The tours will continue every Saturday. They cost $45 per person for four hours.

The first tour included mostly locals, but two-thirds of customers are coming from other states and even other countries.

"We've had requests from Italy; we've had requests from England, so we're excited that the news has spread and everyone wants to come to Atlanta to see the movie industry," said co-founder Patti Davis.

The tour guide on Saturday was a real insider. Sonya Thompson worked as a zombie on "The Walking Dead."

"That's exactly where the tank was," she said as she pointed to a spot through the window of the tour bus in downtown Atlanta. "The whole area was shut down." 

She took the group to the sites of some of the most memorable scenes from the show, including an old department store in downtown, the Atlanta Quarry and the Goat Farm Atlanta.

"We had no idea this was right in the middle of Atlanta," said Jennifer Sessions of Atlanta.

"It really does remind you of the things happening in the show," said Debra Gonzalez of Duluth. "Then you get to see it in real life. It's cool."

At one point, members of the tour even had a chance to role-play by lining up for a special formula to ward off zombies.

Burns said she's already booking tours into June.

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